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My kids kept getting sick month after month. One kid would bring a runny nose home from school, and then we’d all go down like dominoes. Each cold meant weeks of down time while it worked its way through our family – it was exhausting!

After a handful of these years as a mom I realized I had accepted defeat and come to expect missing out on seeing loved ones or taking any adventurous vacations for months every year in the fall. I knew life was meant to be abundant and life giving, but I felt trapped and DEFIANT, knowing I was handing over these young years of our kids’ lives to USELESS and exhausting viruses. SOMETHING was missing…

After poring over data and months of trial and error in my own kitchen, I finally NAILED a formula that – near miraculously – KEEPS US FROM GETTING SICK IN THE FIRST PLACE! And one that sweet littles LOVE TO swallow, too! We found it supports our bodies' own abilities to fight any germ that crosses our path, and it’s full of ingredients I’m happy to bless the kids’ bodies with: simple, raw, organic ingredients.


 Since making that first ground breaking discovery with our Elderberry Syrup and finding out that other families wanted it too, I have found my fire for developing natural super-remedies. Since then we have added Fire Cider to our lineup of products focused on keeping your family healthy in every season.

Our family now enjoys EVERY season full of life and energy – not just summer – and haven’t had to cancel a family gathering since. Welcome to the way it should be. 

Christy Tanner

When not working on brain-storming new ideas for Everly After or making small batches of product, Christy loves to spend time with her family, travel to new places, and hike with friends. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and loves the mountains! 


Product Love

 Ingredient Manifesto

We commit to sourcing only the best, highest quality ingredients for our products.

We will never make something we wouldn't use ourselves.

We make things that are...

  • 100% organic whenever possible
  • All-natural
  • Toxin free
  • Gluten free
  • Preservative free
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